ABB presents depot charging solution

ABB E-Mobility has presented a new depot charging solution for electric bus and truck fleets at the UITP in Barcelona. The HVC360 enables up to four charging stations to be connected – regardless of whether these are CCS or current collectors.

The control cabinet delivers up to 360 kW of continuous charging power. Up to four charging stations can be connected simultaneously at up to 100 metres. With the “Long Distance Package”, these can even be up to 150 metres away.

ABB has made a feature of the flexibility of the device. The control cabinet can support all charging interfaces and do this simultaneously. For example, the HVC Panto-down or Panto-up Depot Set and a CCS interface can be connected at the same time.

“Even more impressive than the unit’s exceptional quality and power density are its extraordinary flexibility and interoperability with a wide range of OEMs, making it a truly global solution,” said Chris Nordh, Global Head of the Fleet & Transit business at ABB E-mobility. “We are very excited to see how HVC360 helps customers of all shapes and sizes to reduce their running costs and emissions as the heavy vehicle sector catches up to the excellent progress already made in the electrification of passenger vehicles,” he noted.

Sales of the HVC360 are scheduled to start at the end of September. Although the manufacturer has not yet revealed prices, it has said that the HVC360 is more than 50 per cent cheaper than the previous generation – and at the same time, requires only half as many square metres. The control cabinet is just over two metres high and 1.17 x 0.77 metres wide. The housing is made of stainless steel and painted cream white (RAL 9002).

According to the manufacturer, the HVC360 is compatible with Plug&Charge. Software updates are carried out “over the air” or via the mobile phone network., (pdf solution data sheet)


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