E.On offers predictive maintenance tool for charging point operations

German energy group E.On is now offering a predictive maintenance tool called Evercharge as a publicly available product. E.On says that Evercharge is the first software designed to optimise charging point operations.

The software has been designed to help charging station operators improve the availability of their networks, reduce costs and secure revenues.

According to E.On, Evercharge can predict failures before they occur using artificial intelligence. The software can be used with almost all charging station manufacturers and IT backend providers using standards such as OCPP.

The company says its predictive maintenance software was first used internally at E.On and is now publicly available.

The German energy company has spread itself across the electric vehicle space, including hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. Last month, the company expanded its partnership with Alpatronic for fast charging, and in April E.On invested heavily in Virta for its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging technologies.

Source: information via Email, evercharge.link


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