Huber+Suhner reveal 2,250 kW charging cable

Swiss charging cable manufacturer Huber+Suhner is expanding its range to include megawatt charging technology with its new Radox MCS1500 system. The charging cable is said to enable continuous charging currents of up to 2,250 kW at 1,500 amps for heavy-duty electric vehicles.

The Swiss company has already made a name for itself as a supplier of cooled cables for HPC charging. With Radox MCS1500, Huber+Suhner now also wants to position itself in the megawatt charging range at an early stage. The new system has been successfully qualified in several field tests and is to be put in the spotlight at two trade fairs this month: at EVS36 from 11 to 14 June in Sacramento, California, and at Power2Drive from 14 to 16 June in Munich. No details have been revealed so far on the market launch itself.

The Radox MCS1500 has been developed to enable continuous charging currents of up to 2,250 kW for electric heavy-duty vehicles, the company says. The system is designed for 1,500 amps. With these two values, it is theoretically possible to calculate an intended voltage in the range of 1,500 volts. The system is based on the company’s “scalable technology platform with direct liquid cooling”. A solution with 4,500 kW and 3,000 amperes (i.e. also based on 1,500 volts) is already in development.

With this, the supplier surpasses the Megawatt Charging System as the upcoming charging standard for heavy commercial vehicles. The MCS is designed for a charging voltage of up to 1,250 volts and a current of 3,000 amps, which theoretically corresponds to a charging capacity of up to 3.75 megawatts. On this basis, several manufacturers (such as ABB) are currently developing high-performance chargers – starting with an initial 1,500 amps up to the full MCS range of up to 3,000 amps.

CharIN first demonstrated the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) mid-2022 at the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS35) in Oslo, when a prototype design of the connector was also unveiled. At the time, it was said that initial pilots were planned for 2023 and commercial rollout for 2024.

“With the development of the Radox MCS1500, we are once again one step ahead, establishing our leadership in the emerging megawatt charging market,” said Max Goeldi, Vice President Market Management HPC at Huber+Suhner. “This innovation will help drive the electric vehicle revolution.” Huber+Suhner is known for its high-voltage battery cables and charging cable systems under the product name “Radox”.

In addition to automotive products, the Swiss company produces cables for data centres, aerospace or medical technology.


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