German online supermarket orders 1,000 electric vans

In Germany, the online supermarket Flaschenpost has purchased 1,000 new electric vehicles. The aim is to complete around half of all deliveries with electric vehicles by the end of the year.

The new delivery vehicles will come from various manufacturers, but Flaschenpost has not yet revealed which ones. The photo that the company provided with its press release shows a Mercedes eSprinter.

Part of the investment is being funded with 7.6 million euros by the German Federal Ministry of Transport as part of the “Guideline on the promotion of light and heavy commercial vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drives and associated refuelling and charging infrastructure” (KsNI).

Flaschenpost claims to drive around half of all delivery tours electrically by the end of 2023. At some Flaschenpost locations, which include Muenster and Berlin, half of all deliveries are already fully electric, and by the end of this year, around half of all deliveries are to be made without tailpipe emissions “The acquisition of 1,000 electric vehicles is an important milestone in achieving our climate goals,” says Stephan Zech, Head of Fleet Management at Flaschenpost.

The German online supermarket is also setting up its own charging infrastructure at a total of 33 warehouse locations. (in German)


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