Circle K launches truck charging network in Sweden

The Circle K petrol station chain has opened 20 new charging points for heavy-duty electric trucks in Sweden, each with a capacity of 360 kW. These are spread over five locations along strategically important traffic routes in the country.

Specifically, the five locations are Varberg Nord, Laholm Snapparp Östra, Jönköping Hyltena, Gävle Bro and Ljungby. Together with 14 charging points already opened earlier this year in the port of Gothenburg, Kiruna, Gällivare and in Arvidsjaur, Circle K now has 34 charging points for electric trucks at nine locations. Next year, the company plans to expand the electric truck charging network to 90 charging points.

“It is with great pride that I can say that we are maintaining a fast pace in our expansion, even though the number of electric trucks is still quite small today. The reason for this is that we want to be ahead of the curve and thus create the conditions for the transport industry to dare to switch to electric drive,” says Lennart Olsson, responsible for electric truck charging at Circle K.

In addition to the 360 kW chargers mentioned above, Circle K also plans to install two megawatt chargers and provide hydrogen at selected locations as part of a project called E-Charge, partly funded by the Swedish government’s innovation agency Vinnova. (in Swedish)


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