Zeekr arrives in Europe with two EV models

Geely’s electric car brand Zeekr started pre-sales for two models in the first two European markets. The Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X are now available for pre-order in the Netherlands and Sweden. The first European prices are now also known.

In April, Zeekr had initially announced that the first European models would be the Zeekr 001 and the new Zeekr X model. The almost five-metre-long Shooting Brake 001 is the brand’s debut model, which has already been offered in China since October 2021, while the X is a compact car with SUV leanings. Zeekr’s second model, the large premium van 009, is not due to come to Europe.

Zeekr now announces that the Zeekr 001 will be available in the Netherlands and Sweden from 59,490 euros and 667,000 SEK, respectively, and the Zeekr X from 44,990 euros and 550,000 SEK. These are gross prices including local tax. They apply to the single-engine version with a 200 kW engine on the rear axle. In the Zeekr 001, this is combined with a 100 kWh battery, which is said to provide a WLTP range of up to 620 kilometres. In the Zeekr X, a battery with 69 kWh capacity is installed for a range of up to 440 kilometres.

Deliveries of the electric cars in the Netherlands and Sweden are scheduled to start in autumn 2023. Zeekr’s first European branches are planned for this year in Amsterdam and Stockholm. After that, other European countries and models are to follow “quickly”, Zeekr had already said when announcing its European expansion in April. In the current announcement, the Geely brand is a little more precise: the goal is to “expand into most countries in Western Europe by 2026”, according to the manufacturer. Concrete countries are still not mentioned, however.

zeekr.euzeekr.eu (Zeekr 001), zeekr.eu (Zeekr X)


about „Zeekr arrives in Europe with two EV models“
29.06.2023 um 18:35
This is great news! Zeekr 001 is already in Lithuania!
14.08.2023 um 16:01
Hi!Where can I buy it in Lithuania?Thanks!
29.06.2023 um 18:36
Zeekr is in Europe in Lithuania:)

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