Mitsui High-tec (Canada) expands motor core production

Canadian motor cores manufacturer Mitsui High-tec (Canada) is investing 102.3 million Canadian dollars to expand operations in the country.

The company’s facilities are located in Brantford, Ontario, and opened its doors in 2017. And according to the Ontario government, it has been expanded twice before.

This time, the money (an equivalent of around 71 million euros) will be used to “open a new 103,500 square-foot manufacturing facility” in Brantford. A move said to “create 104 highly skilled, good-paying jobs.”

“Mitsui High-tec (Canada), Inc.’s investment to expand its Brantford-based facilities is a huge boost not only for the people of southwestern Ontario, but for our province’s growing manufacturing and auto sectors,” says Premier Doug Ford.

The Canadian province of Ontario wants to position itself as a North American leader in developing and building electric vehicles – also to keep jobs in the car industry in the region as carmakers shift towards new technologies. That is why it announced the plan “Driving Prosperity: The Future of Ontario’s Automotive Sector” in 2019. The goal is to produce “at least 400,000 electric vehicles and hybrids [in Ontario] by 2030” per year.

Though the province does not mention whether it will financially support the investment made by Mitsui High-tec (Canada), Ontario provides “a 10 per cent refundable Corporate Income Tax credit to help local manufacturers lower their costs, invest in workers, innovate and become more competitive.”

Mitsui High-tec (Canada) is the only motor core manufacturer in the region. Motor cores are the basic structure of the motor used in electric vehicles.


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