Fastned enters the Scandinavian market via Denmark

Dutch charging company Fastned announces the first installations in Denmark. Once completed, the three new fast-charging hubs will mark the company’s market entry in the country and Scandinavia as a whole. Fastned adds it won all tenders it bid for with the Danish authorities.

According to the announcement, Fastned’s new charging parks will offer 24 charging columns in total, each with a capacity of 400 kW. Four fast chargers will be found at the Helsingør and Grevinge sites, scheduled to be operational by the end of 2023. The hub at Langeskov Syd will open next summer and is expected to become a central hub – more on that in a bit.

The charge point operator has not disclosed the makers of the charging stations. Reportedly, Fastned has used 400 kW equipment by EVBox in the Netherlands for more than half a year on a trial basis; the EVBox Troniq High Power has been officially available for order since the beginning of June. At most of the new locations, however, Fastned relies on the proven HYC300 hypercharger from Alpitronic – of which, as is well known, a 400 kW version called HYC400 is now also available.

“Entering the Danish market is a big achievement for Fastned and will help us with our goal to build 1,000 fast charging stations across Europe by 2030,” said Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned.
Denmark is the seventh country in the network. “Our team is working hard to expand our network to more European countries,” so Langezaal.

The winning bids were part of a tender process of nine locations, and Fastneds adds it had applied for the three sites that fit its “high-traffic location strategy” best.

The hub in Helsingør will allow drivers to charge before they head to Sweden on the ferry to Helsingborg. Grevinge station connects Copenhagen and Aarhus. The third and most prominent location, Langeskov Syd, will have 16 chargers. It borders the E20 motorway, where the long Great Belt and the New Little Belt bridges connect continental Europe to Sjælland island, where Copenhagen is located.


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