Mob’Hy to procure fuel cell trucks from Quantron

Quantron has entered into a strategic collaboration with Mob’Hy, a French specialist in the production and distribution of green hydrogen. As part of this, both companies signed a letter of intent for the procurement of 253 hydrogen-powered Quantron vehicles by Mob’Hy.

According to Quantron, the purchase of the vehicles is planned for the period from late 2024 to 2027. However, further details on the signed letter of intent are not mentioned there. Thus, the financial scope of the potential order is unclear and also which vehicles or mix are involved. Quantron is known to offer lighter fuel cell vehicles based on an Iveco Daily, but also heavy FC trucks.

Mob’Hy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vent d’Est and can draw on the parent company’s expertise in developing wind and solar energy generation infrastructure, according to the statement. Mob’Hy is the company behind the Fahyence H2 filling station chain and carries out research, development and management of hydrogen production and distribution projects.

The partnership comes against the backdrop of the ADEME (Agence de la transition écologique) call for projects for territorial hydrogen ecosystems and to enable the development of the sector in the Grand Est region. Grand Est is the fourth largest region in France, bordering Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. The region was only created on 1 January from the territories of the previous regions of Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne.

“We are thrilled about the partnership with QUANTRON. Their leadership in the sector of sustainable commercial vehicles perfectly complements our green hydrogen production and distribution plan,” says Jean-Michel Sylvestre, founder and president of Mob’Hy. “Together, we will drive sustainable mobility in France and make a significant contribution to environmental protection. We also believe this partnership may pave the way for new specialized montage workshops in the Grand Est region, capitalizing on the skilled labour force trained along the AFPA led vocational training consortium. An EU supported scheme.”

Quantron itself does not confirm such plans for assembly in France, but does not deny them either. “Collaborating with Mob´Hy is a significant step for QUANTRON to bring our innovative fuel cell technology and our 360 degree ecosystem Quantron-as-a-Service into the French market,” says founder and CEO Andreas Haller. “We are confident that this partnership will pave the way for successful adoption of our zero-emission mobility solutions in the region.”


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