Ora to update the Funky Cat to cover safety issue

Ora wants to give all Funky Cat stock vehicles a software update. Vehicles that are already on the road will be returned to the workshop for this. The background to this is the elimination of an alleged safety defect that the German automobile association ADAC had discovered.

During the charging process, the charging plug of the Ora Funky Cat electric model could be pulled out if a locked electric car was unlocked by a radio key. In other words, electricity continued to flow, which, according to the ADAC, “can cause flying sparks and a burning smell”. Although the Chinese car company Great Wall (to which the Ora brand belongs) had confirmed that “the vehicle complies with all applicable standards”, this was probably not enough for the ADAC. That is why the update is now being made.

The automobile club is apparently satisfied with this, but advises drivers to make sure that the charging process is finished before the plug is pulled until the update. “If this is not possible, consumers should pull out the charging plug as slowly as possible,” the ADAC wrote.



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