Plentitude chargers for Ikea parking facilities in Italy

Plenitude, a subsidiary of the Italian energy group Eni, is to build around 250 charging points for electric cars in parking areas at Ikea locations throughout Italy. The company has not yet revealed the planned charging capacity or its schedule.

According to the company’s Italian press release, charging stations from Plenitude and operator Be Charge (also belonging to Eni since 2021) will be accessible to Ikea visitors, employees and suppliers. The electricity provided will come from 100 per cent renewable sources. The company is not disclosing further details.

Stefano Goberti, CEO of Plentitude said that the company’s network currently has more than 16,000 points. Italien oil company Eni acquired Be Charge’s parent company, Be Power, in 2021. In May just passed, Eni, or Be Power, announced plans to build its HPC network outside Italy by 2025.

The legacy petroleum company is planning charging stations in eight EU countries, namely Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia and Greece. There are to be 2,000 fast-charging points, each with at least 150 kW, along the main traffic routes. The Group had secured 100 million euros in capital for this purpose, of which 50 million comes from the EU Commission.

Ikea has been charging forward with decarbonising its fleets and operations for quite some time and was one of the founding members of the EV100 initiative. (in Italian)


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