Fisker presents three new EVs at event in California

At an event in Huntington Beach, California, Fisker presented its future electric cars that will be on the market by 2026. The models include the Pear compact SUV, the Ronin five-seater sports car and a pickup model that goes by the name Alaska.

The Alaska is a four-door pickup truck based on an adaptation of the platform of the Ocean SUV model. For the Alaska, Fisker gives expected ranges between 230 and 340 miles (370 to 547 kilometres). The pickup’s cargo area is just under 1.40 metres long. But the rear wall of the driver’s cabin can be completely retracted and the seats folded down. This extends the load area to around 2.29 metres.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2025, and reservations are open now. The model is available from 45,400 US dollars, although this is only the price for the US market. Converted, that would currently be 41,452 euros.

Fisker has also officially unveiled the Pear (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). The compact model has been available for pre-order since February 2022. “We plan to start deliveries of the Fisker Pear in 2024,” Fisker announced. According to the current announcement, however, the e-car will probably not roll onto the streets until mid-2025 and will then be available at prices starting at 29,900 US dollars.

The Pear will be built by Foxconn in the US state of Ohio, initially with 250,000 units. According to Fisker, around 35 per cent fewer parts will be used than in other electric cars in its class. This is one reason why the vehicle is so affordable, explains CEO Henrik Fisker. Moreover, it is probably the first vehicle in which Fisker plans to install its Blade computer.

The third new Fisker model is the Ronin. This is a five-seat GT sports car with gullwing doors and a three-motor all-wheel drive system that offers more than 745 kW of power. The BEV is said to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in about two seconds and offer more than 600 miles (about 966 km) of range.

The Ronin will be “offered at an extremely luxurious price and built in limited numbers”, Fisker said. According to the website, the price for the “super sports car” starts at 385,000 US dollars, which is currently around 351,460 euros. Fisker is now accepting reservations for the Ronin.

“Fisker isn’t standing still,” Henrik Fisker said at the event. “We want the world to know that we have big plans and intend to move into several different segments, redefining each with our unique blend of design, innovation, and sustainability.” In addition to the vehicles on stage, the company unveiled its Fisker Blade computer. This is a central computing platform “that will significantly reduce the complexity of future vehicles”. No further details were provided on the system, however. (presentation), (Alaska), (Pear)


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