Allego coming to Oil! Tank & Go pit stops in Denmark

Allego announced a new collaboration with Oil! Tank & Go, a filling station chain in Denmark, to install ultra-fast chargers at the company’s pit stops across the country. The partners have designated 14 sites, but Allego expects the deal to reach further.

As for the 14 filling stations, Allego targets completion in early 2024. The partners have yet to specify how many charging stations will be set up in this first round. Looking at similar projects such as with Vinci Autoroutes in France, a typical Allego charge park offers CCS fast chargers and, in that case, a CHAdeMO and AC charging point.

It is also allegedly the first round since an MoU already signed permits Allego to install chargers at all 80 Oil! Tank & Go filling stations throughout Denmark. The Dutch company adds that “in the future, this partnership has the potential to extend across Oil! Tank & Go’s 340 locations in Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland”.

Allego’s Chief Executive Officer, Mathieu Bonnet, added, “Through this partnership, we are furthering the enablement of a seamless EV driving experience and the adoption of EVs in Denmark and beyond.”

OIL! Tank & Go’s Country Manager, Henrik Schöler, said the partnership would help the business to provide a “comprehensive array of refilling options to our customers, ensuring they can charge their electric vehicles quickly and efficiently while enjoying the convenience of our fueling stations”.

Allego also emphasises that the sites set out in the agreement are in addition to the backlog of 1,314 sites the company announced earlier this year. It is unclear whether this backlog is for Denmark only since Allego is working on multiple rollouts in several countries. In recent news, Allego readjusted its fast-charging tariffs; since July, uniform rates apply at Allego charging stations in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark for direct payment DC charging at and over 50 kW.

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