Allego lowers DC charging prices

Allego is introducing new reduced rates for direct payments at its fast chargers in six European countries on 1 July. From that date, Allego stations in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark will have uniform rates for direct payment DC charging up to 50 kW and over 50 kW.

In Germany, this is 73 cents per kilowatt hour. Previously, Allego had a three-tier tariff divided into AC charging, DC with up to 50 kW and DC over 50 kW. Since the price adjustment in September 2022, AC charging in Germany cost 60 cents per kilowatt hour, DC charging up to 50 kW was 75 cents, and DC charging over 50 kW was 85 cents per kilowatt hour. According to the announcement, the conditions for AC charging will not change, so it will consequently remain at 0.60€/kWh in Germany.

In Belgium, DC charging will cost 73 cents/kWh, as in Germany, and 79 cents in the Netherlands. In Sweden and Denmark, the price level is similar, equivalent to 75 and 77 cents. Only in France is DC charging at Allego significantly cheaper at 0.59€/kWh. However, HPC charging at French Allego stations was 98 cents last year.

Allego justifies the price reduction with lower costs in electricity purchasing. “Following some positive shifts in the energy market, we’re able to pass those savings on to you. Our pricing now applies to all of our fast and ultra-fast chargers across selected countries,” the statement reads.

The new conditions apply when paying by bank or credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or the Smoov app. When charging with the charging card of another mobility service provider at Allego, the MSP’s conditions trump Allego’s prices.


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