Mercedes issues EQS recall in China

Mercedes-Benz has recalled over two thousand of its all-electric flagship model EQS in China due to two different software problems. Vehicles from different production periods are affected.

One of the two recalls involves 2,324 imported EQS vehicles with production dates from 14 June 2021 to 8 July 2022, where the e-drive may be disabled due to a software problem. This is reported by the Chinese publication CN EV Post, citing an announcement by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation.

Another recall affects, among others, 1,051 imported EQS with production dates between 14 June 2021 and 16 February 2022. Here, there is a problem with the software of the battery management system. It could be that the monitoring function of the high-voltage battery does not issue a warning as expected in the event of a malfunction. According to the CN EV Post, this problem also affects 16,500 units of the C- and E-Class produced in China. Since the software of the high-voltage battery is involved, it is likely to be the hybrid drive system. In both cases, Mercedes-Benz will update the software free of charge via authorised dealers.

For the electric flagship EQS, these are already the second and third recalls in China: In July, there was already a recall action for 32,786 imported S-Class and EQS vehicles – due to an ESP software problem.


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