China: Huawei and Chery to launch first Luxeed EV

Image: Luxeed

Tech company Huawei has announced a coupe-like electric sedan. The company revealed the first image of the EV, saying that it will be officially unveiled this quarter – possibly as early as August at the Chengdu Auto Show.

The electric car is part of a joint project between Huawei and EV maker Chery. According to CarNewsChina, it will be marketed under the new Luxeed brand and bears the internal code name EH3.

It will be based on Chery’s E0X platform, on which the upcoming Chery models Exeed Sterra ES and Exeed Sterra ET will also be based. The platform is designed for two-motor all-wheel drive and uses an 800-volt battery from CATL for 700 kilometres of range. The base price for the Luxeed EH3 is said to be astonishingly low – approximately 200,000 yuan (equivalent to about 25,000 euros).

In terms of design, the Luxeed EH3 is a four-door sedan with wide wheel arches and retractable door handles. CarNewsChina notes that the coupe body shape looks similar to other Chinese EVs, such as the BYD Han or Nio ET7.

It is fitted with a LiDAR sensor on top of the roof. It has eleven HD cameras, three millimetre-way radars, and 12 ultrasonic radars. The EV will be fitted with the smart driving system Huawei ADS 2.0, allowing the vehicle to drive autonomously in cities and on highways. This feature will be available in 45 Chinese cities as soon as the car launches and will be extended to include other cities. And apparently, drivers can connect a quadcopter drone to the car and stream the video right onto the car’s monitor.

There are few to no details about the cooperation between Huawei and Chery. Together with Changan’s EV brand Avatr, Nio and CATL, Huawei is developing four new models by 2025 based on a new platform called CHN – including a cell-to-pack battery from CATL. Together with Seres, Huawei also operates the Aito brand, which launched its first M5 EV model on the Chinese market last year., (image)


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