Luxembourg extends wallbox subsidy until the end of 2024

Luxembourg is extending its grants for the installation of private EV charging stations under the “Klimabonus Mobilitéit” programme until 31 December 2024. The programme, which has been running since 2020, promotes electric vehicles, e-bikes, and private charging stations.

According to the government, more than 3,500 subsidy applications have already been granted. The new regulation provides financial support of up to 450 euros for pre-fitting a parking space for the subsequent installation of a charging station, and covers the cost of installing a collective intelligent charging management system.

With the promotion of a load management system, the government wants to facilitate the installation of charging points in owner associations. From a technical point of view, it is best to “install charging stations as part of a coherent project and aim to equip an entire building”, the statement says. Owners and tenants will receive incentives to share in the joint costs of a charging station installation – even if the charging station is not installed until later. Owner associations will also be able to take advantage of the financial assistance.

In addition to the extension, the group of aid recipients is also expanded. Legal entities under private law that do not engage in economic activity (such as non-profit associations, foundations and civil law companies) now also have access to this financial incentive.

Another change: In future, 3.7 kW will be prescribed as the minimum charging power. And mobile charging stations that “can be integrated into a fixed facility” are now also eligible. (in German), (in French)


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