Zeem Solutions to charge up Hertz EV at LAX

The transportation and service company Zeem Solutions has announced a deal with Hertz. The former will provide fast-charging and other services for Hertz’s EV fleet at Los Angeles International Airport.

The Zeem charge parc is located just a mile away from the airport. On top of providing a place for EVs to plug in, Zeem also offers services such as fleet cleaning and scheduled maintenance. However, there is no mention of whether Herzt will make use of the offer.

However, the company does emphasise that “upon completion of its infrastructure build out this year,” the LAX charging depot “will be one of the largest commercial EV charging hubs in the US – with 82 DC fast charging ports and 10MW of grid interconnection.”

“Supplying charging for Hertz’s fleet of electric vehicles at LAX, one of the busiest airports in the world, is a testament to our operational excellence and industry-leading electric vehicle fleet solutions,” says Paul Gioupis, Co-Founder and CEO of Zeem. “Zeem’s fast charging and ancillary operations enable Hertz to better serve its customers at LAX with zero-emission transportation.”

Zeem Solutions offers fleet-as-a-service, meaning it also provides vehicle leasing. In November 2022, it ordered 100 heavy-duty electric trucks from Nikola Motor. And already back in August 2018, it ordered 50 Chevy trucks retrofitted with electric drives from Lightning Sytems.



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