USA: Tesla launches Universal Wall Connector for all EVs

EV maker Tesla now offers a wall box charger in the US that even non-Tesla EVs can plug into. Potential EV customers can opt for the wall box and be prepared as the EV market in North America is shifting from the J1772 to the NACS connector.

The Universal Wall Connector resembles a regular Tesla wall box charger but has an integrated J1772 adapter. By pressing a button on the handle, the adapter sticks to the connector and can be used to charge any EV. To get the Tesla connector, users simply need to pull on the handle to get the Tesla connector.

The Universal Wall Connector thus functions like the Magic Dock that Tesla recently began installing at its Supercharger locations, opening them up to non-Tesla EVs.

Otherwise, all the specs remain the same compared to other Tesla wall box chargers. It comes with a 24-foot long cable (about 7 metres) and has an output of 11.5 kW/48-amp. Other features include an auto-sensing handle to open a Tesla charge port and the possibility to power-share with up to six Wall Connectors.

The product is only available in the US and costs 595 dollars. A regular Wall Connector sells for 475 dollars.

It is an interesting move. As more and more carmakers have announced that they would offer their EVs with Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) in a few years, buyers could look at the wall box charger as a long-term investment. Because no matter what electric car they buy in the future – this connector can handle it.,


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