Abarth to produce upgraded Fiat 600e

The Fiat house tuner Abarth is planning a performance version for the recently presented Fiat 600e. That the Abarth 600e is coming is considered certain, as to when – a British media report now speculates about a market launch in 2025.

Olivier François, CEO of Fiat and Abarth, told the British portal Autocar that an Abarth 600e is “logical”. However, he did not give any details yet. But he ruled out a sporty Fiat: “For Fiat, we make money. We are simplicity. We are smaller cars. We are not sports cars. We are not luxury. We are not big cars.” Within the 14 brands of the Stellantis Group, he says, there must be a clear division – this is where Abarth should stand out from Fiat.

The Fiat 600e is already available for order and the model is based on the Group’s e-CMP platform: the drive technology is thus familiar from many other Stellantis models. The electric with 115 kW is used in combination with a 54 kWh battery, which should enable the Fiat 600e to cover more than 400 kilometres in the WLTP cycle. The Fiat’s charging technology is also state of the art: on the AC side, an 11 kW charger is installed, while the maximum DC charging power is 100 kW.

More powerful electric drives based on the e-CMP are not yet known, so we can only speculate about possible performance data for the Abarth 600e. Whether the assumption of Autocar is correct, however, is open: The British magazine speculates that the Abarth 600e could adopt the electric drive of the smaller 500e and at the same time receive a “driver-oriented” chassis set-up. However, at 113 kW, the electric drive system of the Abarth 500e is even minimally weaker than the standard motor currently used in the e-CMP.

Nevertheless, it could be a more powerful version of the engine: Since the first electric Abarth is 26 kW more powerful than the standard model, another part of the article speculates about around 140 kW of power for the Abarth 600e. Since Jeep had shown a study with all-wheel drive for its e-CMP electric Avenger, the possibility of a second electric motor on the rear axle in the Abarth 600e for more traction and power is also not completely ruled out – even though there is no e-CMP all-wheeler for sale yet and the second electric motor has not yet made it into the production status of the platform.

According to Autocar, the Abarth 600e should come onto the market in early 2025. Here, too, the magazine refers to the experience with the Abarth 500e, which went on sale about a year after the Fiat offshoot.


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