BYD to present new Seal variant at the IAA

BYD will expand its electric car range in Europe with a sixth model. It will be called the ‘Seal U’, an SUV offshoot of the Seal sedan. The vehicle will be presented at the IAA Mobility in September along with five other vehicles for Europe.

The BYD Seal U (U stands for “utility”) will be launched in two LFP battery versions: with 71.8 kWh capacity for 420 kilometres and with 87 kWh capacity for 500 kilometres WLTP range.  BYD has already published the battery and range specifications. The model will be launched in two LFP battery versions: with 71.8 kWh capacity for 420 kilometres and with 87 kWh capacity for 500 kilometres WLTP range. Like the Seal, the Dolphin and the Atto 3, the new D-Class SUV is based on BYD’s e-platform 3.0, which uses the company’s own blade batteries with LFP cell chemistry in an 800-volt configuration.

BYD will present the Seal U at the IAA Mobility in Munich (5 to 10 September 2023) – as well as its other five electric models for Europe: the first-launched trio Atto 3, Han and Tang, and the Dolphin and Seal models. BYD will also present its Chinese brand Denza, operated together with Mercedes-Benz, to the European public for the first time at the IAA Mobility and bring the large van Denza D9 with it to Munich.

Both the Seal and its SUV offshoot “are equipped with innovative technology for safety, comfort and performance”, but according to BYD they appeal to different target groups. The e-limousine is supposed to score mainly with its sporty touch, the five-seater SUV with versatility, comfort and spaciousness. Concrete technical details on the e-drive, charging capacity, boot volume, etc. are still missing. However, since it is an offshoot of the Seal, some features can be predicted with a high degree of probability.

Like the Seal, the Seal U is likely to use the company’s own cell-to-body technology to integrate the batteries. In this case, the lid of the battery housing also functions as the floor of the body. Incidentally, the Seal houses an 82 kWh battery in combination with a 230 kW rear-wheel drive or a 390 kW all-wheel drive for WLTP ranges of 570 or 520 kilometres. In the SUV offshoot, there will be two battery options in future (71.8 and 87 kWh) and, due to the vehicle class, certainly also all-wheel drive.

”BYD is truly dedicated to introducing innovative and high-tech eco-friendly cars to the European market, said Michael Shu, General Manager and Managing Director, BYD Europe and International Cooperation Division, adding: “The IAA in Munich provides us with the perfect platform to showcase our latest BYD models. We are committed to offering choices within our product portfolio, complete with our latest game-changing technologies, to satisfy different consumer demands. Through our experienced dealer partners in Europe, we are passionate about providing high levels of customer service. We head to the Munich Motor Show with great excitement, where we reveal more about our technological innovations and products, and continue to build relationships with like-minded partners in Europe for win-win cooperations.”


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