DAF Trucks presents the DAF XB Electric truck

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Dutch truck manufacturer DAF Trucks is expanding its all-electric product range with the new DAF XB Electric for urban and regional distribution transport. In addition to 16- and 19-tonne versions, a 12-tonne version is also available.

The XB Electric’s electric motor delivers 120 or 190 kW of rated power, depending on the specification, and is combined with LFP batteries with a gross energy content of 141 to 282 kWh. The cell supplier is not named in the announcement. DAF gives the maximum range as 350 kilometres – “more than enough for the requirements of transport companies in inner-city distribution traffic”, as the Dutch write.

The XB Electric is charged via CCS. A fast charge from 20 to 80 per cent with up to 150 kW at the peak is supposed to take between 40 and 70 minutes, depending on the battery size. In addition, the distribution truck should also be able to be charged “via the regular power grid”, i.e. probably with alternating current. DAF does not mention the maximum possible AC charging power in the announcement. According to the company, AC charging should be “ideal” “when the truck returns to the headquarters at the end of the day”. The AC charging power should therefore be at least 22 kW – with those 22 kW, the 282 kWh battery would be charged in around 13 hours. With a lower charging power, the “ideal” charging overnight would hardly be possible.

The minimum wheelbase of the XB Electric is 4.2 metres. In another part of the press release, a maximum wheelbase of 6.9 metres is stated – but DAF does not specify whether this wheelbase is only offered for the combustion engine model or also with electric drive. What is clear, however, is that the 7.5-tonne model of the XB series is not available with an electric drive.

Where the electric motor of the XB Electric comes from is also not stated in the press release. However, it is likely that it comes from the commercial vehicle group Paccar: The American company also supplied the drive units for DAF’s heavy electric trucks XD Electric and XF Electric, which were presented at the IAA Transportation last autumn. And the diesel engines in the XB also come from Paccar.

DAF plans to start production of the new XB series, which is offered in diesel and electric variants, in the fourth quarter of 2023. It will then be the fifth electric model of the Dutch company: In addition to the aforementioned heavy series XD Electric and XF Electric, DAF offers the CF Electric as a three-axle truck with up to 28 tonnes, while the LF Electric is a 19-tonne truck with two axles and a payload of 11,700 kilograms.



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