Mercedes presents updated EQA & EQB at the IAA

Mercedes has unveiled the facelift models of its electric series EQA and EQB in the run-up to the IAA. Both E-SUVs get a fresh look, efficiency updates and new equipment details – and the EQB gets a trailer coupling for the first time.

For the EQA, the ranges have been increased by 20 to up to 560 kilometres according to WLTP, among other things, with aerodynamic optimisations and tyres with optimised rolling resistance, Mercedes said in the statement. This figure applies to the EQA 250+; the front-wheel-drive variant with 70.5 kWh battery and 140 kW output introduced in 2022. The other EQA versions still have 66.5 kWh of energy content, which will not change with the facelift. The performance data of the individual drive options also remain the same.

This improvement of up to 20 kilometres was made possible, among other things, thanks to rolling resistance-optimised 235/55 R 18 tyres, which Mercedes says are standard “in many European markets”. In addition, the aerodynamics have been optimised, for example at the front edge of the rear wheel arch. In addition, a bar is now integrated into the rear lights, which functions as a spoiler. About the new “range monitoring” function, which recommends several energy-saving options to the driver – such as a maximum driving speed to avoid an additional charging stop.

The new “range maximisation” function should prove “useful in everyday use”, according to the Stuttgart-based company. “Energy
consumers such as the display or air conditioning can be switched off or their functionality limited in favour of more range,” it wrote. Whether customers of a premium brand really see this as a useful everyday feature or as a comfort restriction with little benefit will be shown by customer feedback.

Additionally, for the first time, a trailer coupling including ESP trailer stabilisation is optionally available for the EQB with five seats. This is probably a reaction to previous customer feedback. The maximum trailer load with brakes is 1,400 or 1,700 kg (data for front-wheel drive/4MATIC version). The optional seven-seater cannot be ordered with the trailer coupling.

In addition, the model refresh brings Plug & Charge functionality to the EQA and EQB. In addition to more than 2,400 Ionity fast-charging stations in Europe, Plug & Charge is also available at more than 1,400 Aral pulse HPCs in Germany.

Little has changed in the appearance of both models. The Black Panel front (instead of the combustion engine radiator grille) now gets the typical Mercedes star pattern, previously they were completely black. Apart from the above-mentioned aerodynamic changes, there are only detail innovations on the exterior, for example, the bumper has been slightly revised. Inside, there is a new steering wheel as well as the current MBUX generation (the central display is now standard equipment) and updated driving assistance systems (thanks to new sensors and cameras) for the two electric cars.

The updated versions of the EQA and EQB can be ordered from autumn 2023 and will arrive at European dealers in early 2024. Prices for the facelifted models are not yet known.


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