Tesco is running home deliveries with 500 electric vans

British supermarket chain Tesco has announced receiving its 500th electric van. It will run home deliveries for the company’s Sheffield Extra store, making it the first in Yorkshire to have a fully electric fleet.

The Sheffield branch runs 14 electric vans, making 2,500 deliveries to customer’s homes each week.

Tesco introduced its first EV home delivery vans 2020 in Greater London and claims the electric vehicles have since replaced 15 million diesel miles. Also, in Glasgow, Tesco has already transitioned to an all-electric home delivery fleet in 2021. Across the UK, more than 30 Tesco stores and centres are now operating fully electric deliveries. Tesco plans to have a fully electric delivery fleet by 2030 and to become carbon neutral in the UK by 2035.

However, there is some way to go. The 500 electric vans today form only a part of Tesco’s total fleet of 5,500 home delivery vans delivering to 150,000 customers across the UK daily. Moving the whole UK fleet to green electric power would be equivalent to taking 22,000 cars off the road each year, according to Tesco.

Also, in its own logistics, Tesco is working towards decarbonisation and recently deployed two 37-tonne electric trucks by DAF in Wales. These are two of three electric trucks at Tesco’s disposal.

In July 2021, Tesco was one of seven British companies to pledge to electrify their fleets by 2030. Tesco has notably also ensured that its stores have charging points for their customers who use electric cars. The company reportedly works with EO Charging to install corresponding infrastructure at its depots to charge its own electric vans.



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