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Mercedes announces US prices for the eSprinter


Mercedes-Benz USA has announced the pricing for the upcoming eSprinter, its first fully electric van in North America. The vehicle is now available for order at authorized US dealerships.

The new eSprinter will launch in the US market with the 170” long wheelbase cargo version with a high-roof configuration carrying a 113 kWh battery. Starting from $71,886 and offering a WLTP range of up to 400 km (~249 miles). Charging can be done via a 9.6 AC charger, or with up to 50 kW on a DC fast charger. An optional upgrade is also available to charge with up to 115 kW on a DC fast charging station. Mercedes stated that charging on the 115 kW charger takes about 40 minutes to go from 10% to 80%, while the wall box charger takes about 12.5 hours to charge from 0-100%.

In terms of driving power, the electric cargo van is launching in two versions, with either 100 or 150 kilowatts of peak output. Mercedes further notes that “both deliver a torque of up to 295 lb.-ft. for at least 30 seconds”. The top speed is limited to 75 mph, and the cargo volume is 488 ft³, with a maximum payload of 2,624 lbs.

When the eSprinter was presented in February, there was talk of other battery variants next to the 113 kWh, which was to be the first of the available battery variants, as well as the largest in the range. In the long term, the eSprinter is also planned to be available with batteries with a usable capacity of 56 or 81 kWh.

The German company also advertises a slew of connectivity services and safety features, including “the latest software generation features innovative technology based on Artificial Intelligence and an intuitive operating system”. Customization was also thought of in the design, and Mercedes claims that “can be upfitted to a mobile workshop or a spacious delivery van. eXpertUpfitter solutions, such as shelving systems, workbenches or heavy-duty wood floors for heavy loads offer further available customization options for the load compartment.”


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