China Brand Avatr Unveils Electric Sedan Avatr 12

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The Chinese electric car brand Avatr from Changan and CATL presented its second model at the IAA Mobility in Munich. The Avatr 12 is an approximately five-metre-long coupé-like sedan that follows the design language of Avatr’s first car.

Avatr’s first impact was just over a year ago with the Avatr 11 coupé-like SUV, which is now available in China. Now the young brand is following up with a large e-sedan called the Avatr 12, and for the first time it is also giving performance data. The sedan will be available in two drive options – as a rear-wheel drive vehicle with 230 kW of power or as an all-wheel drive vehicle with a 425 kW drive. The battery is said to offer a capacity of 94.5 kWh. According to earlier information, the motors come from Huawei’s registration application, the NMC battery with cell-to-pack technology from CATL.

The 750-volt platform used by Avatr is shared by both models, but the electric saloon and the electric SUV differ, among other things, in battery capacity: while the Avatr 11 comes with 90.4 or 116.8 kWh, the Avatr 12 has the aforementioned 94.5 kWh. In addition, the 11 is only available as a four-wheel drive vehicle, while the 12 is now also to be launched with a single-engine version. The range of the debut model is 555 and 680 kilometres, respectively. The range of the second model is 650 and 700 kilometres, respectively, based on the Chinese test cycle.

The Avatr 12 measures 5,020 x 1,999 x 1,460 millimetres with a wheelbase of 3,020 millimetres. Visually, the most striking feature is that the brand does without a rear window and instead pulls a large panoramic roof quite far back. Cameras are used instead of side mirrors for rearward visibility. Inside, Avatr has placed a narrow screen about one metre long below the windscreen as a digital instrument panel, flanked by two small info screens (presumably for the images from the exterior mirror cameras) and presided over by a fourth “floating” touch screen.

As for the Avatr 12’s intelligent driving capabilities, the model has 29 sensors (including three Lidar) and a powerful central computer, which together form Huawei’s Advanced Driving System (ADS)-2.0 assistance package.

The Avatr 12 is scheduled to roll off the production line in China from 6 September. Nothing is yet known about the start of deliveries on the domestic market or possible market launches outside China. However, the unveiling at the IAA Mobility in Munich clearly speaks for an export strategy. The first production model of the new China brand has officially been rolling off the production line in China since 20 December 2022. Deliveries there followed shortly afterwards at the beginning of the year. At the time, the Avatr 11 went on sale in three regular versions starting at 349,900, 369,900 and 409,900 yuan respectively, making the range between 50,700 and 59,400 euros. The prices of the Avatr 12 have not yet been made public.

Incidentally, the Avatr brand was originally founded in 2018 by Changan and Nio, at the time still under the name ‘Changan Nio’. However, according to an earlier report by the portal CN EV Post, the development went bumpy and Nio later “basically exited the joint venture with new financing”. Currently, Changan holds 40.99% of the shares and CATL 17.1%. The rest is owned by various investment funds. Huawei does not hold any shares, but supplies software, electric motors and other parts.


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