Xpeng to release the P7 & G9 in Germany

Xpeng will be launching two vehicles in Germany in 2024. This was announced by the Chinese electric car manufacturer at the IAA Mobility. So far, Xpeng offers its large electric sedan P7 and its electric SUV G9 in four rather northern European countries.

After Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden, Germany will thus become the fifth European market for Xpeng. The duo of P7 and G9 will also be introduced here. The Chinese do not specify when exactly this will happen in 2024. The German-language website, which has now been launched, does not provide any further information on this either. The technical details of the P7 electric sedan and the G9 electric SUV were discussed in detail in earlier reports.

“Today represents an important step on our international expansion journey,” said Brian Gu, vice chairman and co-president of Xpeng. “Xpeng is entering one of the most competitive automotive markets in the world, with customers that expect the absolute highest standards; we want to introduce a new level of sophistication with impressive technology that will define the new smart mobility era.”

With both vehicles, Xpeng wants to position itself in the smart car segment. In addition, the G9 is based on the manufacturer’s 800-volt e-car platform with silicon carbide technology and is therefore designed for very high charging power of up to 480 kW (600 amps at 800 volts). The P7, on the other hand, charges with 175 kW DC and is based on a different platform. How much the electric cars will cost in Germany has not yet been made public. However, there are indications from the European countries mentioned above, where the duo has been available for order since February: Prices for the P7 start at 49,990 euros in the Netherlands, 439,900 NOK in Norway, 599,900 SEK in Sweden and 399,900 DKK in Denmark. Xpeng offers the G9 from 57,990 euros, 499,900 NOK, 699,900 SEK and 479,900 DKK, respectively.

Xpeng has been a household name even to those outside the industry at least since the recently publicised cooperation with Volkswagen. At the end of July, the Volkswagen core brand signed a technological framework agreement for long-term cooperation with Xpeng in China. The Wolfsburg company is also taking a stake in the Chinese electric car start-up. Wolfsburg’s intention is to increase the pace of development above all: “With the strong growth of the electric segment, there are now further market opportunities that we want to exploit,” Volkswagen wrote at the time.

Shortly afterwards, Group CEO Oliver Blume specified that VW will develop two new electric models in the upper B segment with Xpeng by 2026. Among other things, the G9 platform from Xpeng mentioned above will be used for this.


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about „Xpeng to release the P7 & G9 in Germany“
Lars Gaertner
11.09.2023 um 09:48
Good morning, is there an option to already buy a G9 a the country where it has been released? As I understand your article there are several European countries where a G9 is already on the market. Thank you very much for the reply in advance, Lars

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