Smart sets sights on compact EVs with the #2 & #4

After the models #1 and #3, the Smart #2 and the Smart #4 will likely follow next. However, potential customers will have to wait a few more years.

According to the French portal L’Argus, the Smart #2 is expected to hit the streets in 2025 as the successor to the Smart Fortwo. L’Argus writes that the Smart #4, planned for 2026, will be a compact electric car to compensate for the demise of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

This means that even though the new Smart vehicles will be significantly larger than the original city runabouts, the manufacturer is not writing them off completely. Thus, the #2 will once again be a “minimalist” two-seater. Even if it is not ruled out that it will be “a few centimetres longer here and there” than the original. Externally, it could resemble the Vision EQ Fortwo concept presented in 2017.

Production of the current Smart Fortwo will cease next year. The successor will then no longer be built in Europe, but in China. The Chinese car company Geely, which is known to have an equal share in Smart as Mercedes-Benz, sells the electric Panda Mini through its Geometry brand. L’Argus speculates that the new Smart #2 could use the same platform, which could make the electric car significantly cheaper than its predecessor.

A fourth model is then planned for the following year 2026 with the Smart #4. So far, nothing is known about the planned vehicle, except that it will be in the C-segment. The BEV will reportedly be based on the #1 and #3 models, but not on Mercedes’ MMA platform. “It will thus support the new in-house SUV coupe in the C-segment,” the article states, “to better compete with the MG4, the Renault Mégane E-Tech , the Volkswagen ID.3 and others.” (in French)


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Jennifer Williams
12.09.2023 um 12:33
I had a smart car ,and oh my god I love that car. I enjoyed it I took a lot of road trips in it. it was great on gas it was good in the winner. I waited down with a bag of salt when I was in Cleveland Ohio.if the smart car was available now. I would have bought a another one. I'm so glad to see that it will be coming back. it is definitely great on gas, and is a it will never put you on the side of the road. I have never seen a smart car stuck on the side of the road.
18.09.2023 um 02:33
Yes they are great I have 4 and one is all electric. Sll the new smarts will be electric but I don't think they will come back to the USA
Gregory Calvin
12.09.2023 um 14:55
My car is stuck on the toad constant problems with he transmission,egine ad gear shift. Now i dont have the money ti fix and i live out in the country 30 mles from work!
Farhana inamdar
13.09.2023 um 00:09
I have a smart passion 2015 yes the car good luck to me still have it and it winner car last me longer too I really recommend this car to anyone ❤️❤️❤️
Smart Fortwo Needs A 100kWh Battery!
13.09.2023 um 03:23
Exciting prospects to consider. If they can assemble a #1, #2, #3, & #4 series that offers a unique flavour for every type of driver, they're fools if they don't return to the markets like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, & United States that they previously pulled out of because of low Smart sales. Each car stands to be a loss leader (region depending) but globally it should average out, and everyone wins...But nobody actually wins if none of these cars have <100kWh batteries. That is the bare minimum benchmark to convince a gas-driver to switch over, and not feel constrained or feel regret. I absolutely love my Smart Fortwo EQ, and on sunny days with the roof down, it is a dream to drive; but when 1% battery almost equals 1 minute of driving, it is very clear to see why the sales were low and they pulled out of those aforementioned markets.They've got to use hindsight effectively and ensure that ALL of their cars, big, medium, small, or micro- have the option to wield batteries with range equal to the Tesla benchmark. It's a waste of time, effort, and money otherwise. If your car can't let you go for a spontaneous mini road-trip for 3 hours without needing to stop and charge, they're going to pick an EV that can. Simple as that.
Colin Cooper
13.09.2023 um 03:38
Couldn't agree more with the comment about Battery size and Range. And further agreement about their remarks regarding 'range anxiety'. Car Size has never been the issue for me. The real issue has been range. I drove a Smart ForTwo from 2011 before "upgrading" to the world of Electric Cars. I also drove a Smart EQ. Emphasis on "DROVE". It really was a fun car to get around with, but all it took was one day of running more errands than usual to realize how limiting the vehicle actually had become. Sure, I didn't have to pay that much to charge it compared to refilling a Gas Car, but what I didn't have to pay for in money, I paid for in time. Time spent browsing my phone while it was plugged into a Charging Station. Time spent and wasted waiting for this battery to recharge so I could completely my errands Errands, mind you- that my dinky old 2011 ForTwo would've completed and had me home 2-3 hours sooner. I have since switched to a Tesla, but still long for the "feeling" that Smart Cars gave me. But I had to make a choice between driving Electric, or Driving Gas; and my desire to drive Electric beat out my desire to drive Smart. That compromise shouldn't have to exist, and if this new Geely partnership is worth anything, they'll have done their due dilligence and addressed that pain point for all future vehicles. I understand that larger car batteries are often more costly, but a happy driver WILL pay it! Just like I did when I got my new Tesla and have been able to drive for longer AND faster, all while charging far, far less often. The least they could do is offer the choice between such a pathetic and small battery, or a realistically sized one like what Tesla and Hyundai offer. The future of cars is EV- but that future will be comprised of vehicles that can stand the test of time and accommodate the needs of the driver, ranging from the occasional long errand day, or the 5 hour wedding road trip. If an EV car cannot conceivably handle those spontaneous needs, the buyer will look elsewhere. It is why the oversized trucks and SUVs have taken over the States! 99% of Drivers don't even use them off road, or fill them to the brim! But in those rare events when they need to? Their expensive vehicles can handle those requests!
Mary Kwart
12.04.2024 um 17:07
I have driven an electric Smart since 2015 and have always charged in my garage overnight. I have never spent time waiting at a charging station. I plan my errands and use more regenerative braking friendly routes to accommodate range limitations.
18.09.2023 um 02:35
I have a 2016 451 all electric and I get 125 miles per charge .I charge at home and it only costs me an extra $35.00 a month for charging at home. Zoom zoom
13.09.2023 um 08:28
I have the Fortwo and now have 125k miles on it. I live in California and they were just becoming popular when discontinued. I'd buy another if available.
Katrina Walton
13.09.2023 um 13:38
Love Love Love my smart car and will buy another when it comes available in 2026 . Never had a problem with my car ! Easy gas mileage! Better get one it will save you money!
14.09.2023 um 20:56
Love my smart fortwo. Never let me down. Economical & fun to drive. :)
15.09.2023 um 08:22
In Jordan I have smart Fortwo EV 2015, I love this car, it's helpful, funny,
Erskin McAllister
17.09.2023 um 22:27
MCALLISTER:love my I called it my little baby
17.09.2023 um 23:06
Agree with the posts regarding range anxiety, although mine is just used for local usage, I purchased a used 2013 EV smart for two in 2015 with 1200 miles, it now has 36,000 miles and it has been stellar!! Use modified 220v dryer hookup in garage and love the charge speed too…
Willis Johnson
18.09.2023 um 23:55
I have a gas 2014 Passion with 40K miles. Had a 2011 with 140K miles. I live in Michigan and have driven round trip twice to Washington, DC and back to Lansing. I'm headed back from DC for the 3rd time. Parking in DC is a breeze work my ForTwo. I go to Chicago for hours from and it's great there. I want to go to California in a few months. I hope the electric has a better range on the new ones.

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