BMW imposes North American sales stop for all petrol motorbikes

BMW has issued a sales ban on all of its motorbikes with combustion engines throughout North America. This applies not only to new bikes, but also to used ones at dealers. Only the electric model CE 04 is currently still released for sale in the USA and Canada.

Image: BMW

BMW emphasised in a statement that the sales stop is voluntary, temporary and not safety-related. Customers can therefore continue to ride their motorbikes that have already been delivered, it is just that dealers are no longer handing over vehicles to customers.

It is about a component of the fuel vapour retention system that “may not have been manufactured according to the material specifications”. However, BMW does not get more specific in the communication. It is suspected that there may be an emissions compliance issue in North America.

The exact circumstances are not yet known, but the scope is considerable – it is not only about new vehicles of a certain production period, but all model years. Moreover, there are no indications yet as to the duration of the sales stop, whether it is a measure that can be implemented quickly or whether the solution still has to be developed.

The only thing that is clear is that at the moment BMW of North America is a pure electric brand in North America – even if involuntarily.,,


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