Fiat Topolino available for order in Italy for 9,890 euros

Fiat has opened orders for its Topolino in its home country. There, Fiat stays in the four-digit euro range for its tiny electric car.

Image: Fiat

Fiat presented its offshoot of the Citroën Ami and Opel Rocks-e in July – but still without a price list. The Topolino, however, can be bought in Italy at list prices of 9,890 – or from 7,544 Euros after subsidies. When leasing, the Fiat Topolino is available from 39 Euros per month (term 48 months, 2,582 Euros down payment).

Deliveries in Italy are scheduled to start in January 2024. Fiat also plans to open orders for the Topolino in Germany and France before the end of the year. The ordering and delivery process is to be completely digital everywhere.

The drive specifications are the same as those of the sister models. The 2.53-metre short city electric car has a 6-kW engine, a top speed of 45 kph and a range of up to 75 kilometres with a 5.4-kWh battery. The Topolino, offered exclusively in mint green, will be available in two body variants: open and closed.

According to the published photo, the Topolino has a retro design, which, on the one hand, is based on the look of the two aforementioned models but, on the other hand, also resembles a classic Fiat 500. The choice of name is easy to explain: according to Fiat, the original Topolino once paved the way for urban mobility, now the namesake is to point the way for sustainable, urban mobility – while embodying “all the coolness of the Fiat 500,” according to the Italians., (in Italian),



about „Fiat Topolino available for order in Italy for 9,890 euros“
Violetta. Cruz
22.09.2023 um 21:15
Hello I live in the state of Virginia in America. Can I buy one of these new model Fists???? I want one so badly!!!
David Gittins
23.09.2023 um 02:38
When are they coming to Canada?
24.09.2023 um 14:02
Can these be shipped to the US?
24.09.2023 um 23:07
This'll literally be better off being built or partially built in China. I'm a fan of electric quadricycles and the Citroën Ami especially, but they're turning out to be uncompetitive against EV quadricycles from a decade ago like the Renault Twizy and MIA electric. There is A LOT left wanting. Not to mention the artificial speed limiter, the poor suspension, etc

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