Xpeng launches updated G9 in China

Xpeng is introducing a new model year for its internationally available G9 electric SUV. Prices are down, while the battery capacity and range have improved for the new G9 variants.

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Xpeng is launching the new model year of its flagship G9 model in China, which is also to be available in Europe. The new edition of the Xpeng G9 starts at prices from 263,900 yuan (approx. 34,000 euros) and thus costs 46,000 yuan (just under 6,000 euros) less than its predecessor in the basic version.

Upon launch, the G9i is going to be available in five different model variants, ranging in price from the above-mentioned 263,900 yuan for the 570 Pro, to 359,900 yuan (approx. €46,246) for the 650 Max variant. The differences between the models lie with batteries, with the basic models featuring a 78.4 kWh battery and 570 km range, while the 702 variants (both Pro & Max) run on a 98 kWh battery and feature a 702 km range. Finally; “The 650Max version has dual-motor four-wheel drive capabilities, offering a total power output of 405 kW and a total torque of 717 Nm.”

The main difference between the Pro and Max versions lies with their assisted driving capabilities: The Pro variants have one Nvidia Drive Orin platform, while the Max models feature two. Also the vehicle specs are affected: while the Pro variant has 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 12 cameras, the Max version adds two lidars on top of the sensor setup.

In terms of vehicle architecture, the G9 has also been upgraded, as Xpeng communicates: “all 2024 Xpeng G9 models have the XNGP full-scenario cockpit and a full-range 800V silicon carbide architecture. This enables the entire series to support 315 kW power fast charging, capable of charging the battery from 10% to 80% in a swift 20 minutes.”

Deliveries of the new G9 will begin in China in the next few days, and will follow in Europe from October. The decision to release the vehicle, as well as the P7 electric sedan, in another European market with Germany, was announced just a few weeks ago. At the beginning of the year, Xpeng had announced its first four European markets.

Production ramp-up for the G9 is expected to go quickly: as CEO He Xiaopeng said at the launch event: “In October, the Xpeng G6’s production capability is set to hit 10,000 units, and the rate of deliveries will increase. Simultaneously, thanks to supply chain improvements, the forthcoming Xpeng G9 will even surpass the delivery speed of the Xpeng G6 by a considerable margin.”

Interestingly enough, despite being Xpeng’s flagship vehicle, sales have been flagging. The numbers peaked in December 2022 when 4,020 units of the electric SUV were sold contributing 35.6 percent of Xpeng’s 11,292 deliveries for the month. Since then, however, sales have decreased significantly and hit a low point last month with only 616 units sold in China.

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