USA: 13 electric school buses for Kentucky

The Bowling Green Independent School District (BGISD) in Kentucky has started a pilot programme to test electric buses. Blue Bird Corporation will supply the latter.

Image: Bowling Green Independent School District

The Bowling Green Independent School District (BGISD) in Kentucky, US, is going green. It is adding 13 zero-emission school buses to its fleet – supplied by the US electric school bus maker Blue Bird.

Specifically, Blue Bird will deliver ten Vision Type C and three All American Type D electric school buses to BGISD. The Vision has room for 72 passengers, while the Alle American can accommodate 84 people. Both buses have a range of 120 miles and take three to eight hours to charge, depending on the infrastructure. According to Bue Bird, the buses will service seven routes and travel up to 75 miles per (school) day.

The school district launched a pilot programme “to expand its school bus fleet with zero-emission vehicles to help advance student and community health.” The federal government supports the measure, which awarded BGISD a 5,135,000 dollar grant to purchase the new vehicles.

“Bowling Green Independent Schools could not be more excited about ushering in a new era of zero-emission student transportation by acquiring our first 13 state-of-the-art electric school buses,” said BGISD Superintendent Gary Fields. “We are looking forward to a successful pilot program and to building on our relationship with Blue Bird.”


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