Tesla opens select Superchargers to all EVs in New Zealand

Tesla has opened six Supercharger locations in New Zealand to all EV models. The select sites are spread across the country and comprise 30 charge points.

The Superchargers are equipped with NACS and CCS connectors, not with a Magic Dock built-in CCS1 adapter, which Tesla uses in the US and Canada.

Concretely, the above-mentioned locations are in Rotorua (6 Superchargers), New Plymouth (3 Superchargers), Christchurch (4 Superchargers), Timaru (6 Superchargers), and Queenstown (4 Superchargers). Non-Tesla drivers pay about a 20 per cent premium over Tesla owners, while the rate can be brought down with a Tesla Charging membership.

New Zealand is thus the latest market where the EV maker launched its Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot programme. There are a total of 17 Supercharger locations in the country.

Tesla’s ‘Non-Tesla pilot’ is currently available in more than 20 countries, including the US and Canada, 15 European countries such as Germany, France and the UK, Australia and China.

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about „Tesla opens select Superchargers to all EVs in New Zealand“
02.10.2023 um 10:31
NZ superchargers do not use NACS plugs. We use type 2 and/or CCS2 plugs.

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