Truck charging joint venture Greenlane appoints Patrick Macdonald-King as new CEO

The US truck charging joint venture Greenlane has hired Patrick Macdonald-King as the new CEO. The executive, who previously headed EV Connect, shall push Greenlane's network for heavy-duty EVs and FCEVs in the States.

Prior to joining Greenlane, Patrick Macdonald-King was President and Chief Operating Officer of EV Connect, one of the largest charging networks in the US with international operations in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Before EV Connect, Macdonald-King founded and served as CEO of software-as-a-service asset management and cloud workflow provider DAX.

Greenlane is the $650 million business between Daimler Truck North America (DTNA), NextEra Energy Resources, and Blackrock, announced in 2022 and now established to build a nationwide charging station and hydrogen refuelling network for medium and heavy-duty vehicles in the US.

By 2026, Greenlane wants to offer its charging and hydrogen filling stations on “critical freight routes along the east and west coasts and in Texas”. The company considers the lack of nationwide public charging infrastructure for commercial battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles, particularly those in long-haul freight operations, one of the largest barriers to the widespread deployment of sustainable fleets. Greenlane plans to use newly developed charging and energy management software and rely on renewable energy.



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