Magenta Mobility to expand fleet with Tata’s Ace EV

Magenta Mobility has partnered with Tata Motors to deploy 500 units of the Ace EV for intra-city deliveries in India. Magenta currently manages a fleet of over 1,200 electric vehicles in various cities.

The expansion of Magenta Mobility’s fleet is to begin shortly, and by the end of the next year, the company wants a fleet of over 10,000 electric vehicles cruising on India’s roads. While it is unclear whether Magenta has its sights on vehicles beyond the Ace EV, the small electric truck should be capable of covering most logistical needs. Furthermore, the growth from a 1k EV fleet to one ten times that size in only a year is an ambitious target, which also increases the likliness that Magenta will focus on one vehicle for the time being.

While the Ace EV isn’t new, there have been some changes since production began in 2019. At the time, the Ace EV featured a range of around 200 km and a carrying capacity of 500 kg. The electric motor delivers a continuous output of 18 kW, reaching up to 45 kW if needed, making for a max torque of 174 Nm and a top speed of 100 kph. This was all powered by a 23.2 kWh battery pack.

Now, the Ace EV is cited a shaving a 21.3 kWh battery, capable of producing 130 Nm of torque and a range of up to 154 km. The payload capacity has grown to 600 kg, marking the company’s success with increasing optimization.


Magenta Mobility currently has a presence all over India, serving cities including Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, among others, with its fleet of over 1,200 electric transporters. The company focuses on e-commerce, and grocery as well as pharmaceutical delivery on their last mile.

“With this partnership, we will work closely with Tata Motors to open up new avenues for electrification, accelerating the EV adoption in urban deliveries. Together with Tata Motors, we aim to drive sustainability in intra-city logistics in India by reducing the carbon footprint in the last-mile and mid-mile freight segment,” said Maxson Lewis, Founder and Managing Director of Magenta Mobility.,


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