BMW iX2 to launch early 2024 – starting at €56,500

BMW has unveiled its first iX2. With the start of the second generation X2 series, the electric model is also headed to dealerships. In terms of technology, the new model draws on the familiar iX1 - but relies on an independent design.

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Even with the first generation of the X2, which BMW launched in March 2018, the X2 was deliberately designed as a separate model – and not as an X1 coupe. Nevertheless, the technology under the sheet metal was essentially the same.

The Munich-based company has stuck with the concept in the now completed change of generation of the X2 – with two minor differences: BMW says it has made the new X2 “more independent, sporty and progressive.” And since the technology donor X1 is now also available as the iX1 with an all-electric drive – enter the new iX2.

The drive is well known from its sister model, also built at the Regensburg plant. The iX2 goes on sale on 2 March 2024 as the iX2 xDrive30, i.e. the all-wheel-drive model with up to 230 kW in boost. The front and rear axles are each equipped with a current-excited synchronous motor from BMW’s current electric drive modular system, the so-called fifth generation. Each motor has an output of up to 140 kW and the same technical data. There are only slight differences in the rigid transmission at the front and rear. Together, the two engines produce a system torque of 494 Nm, which allows the iX2 to accelerate from a standstill to 100 kph in 5.6 seconds. The top speed is 180 kph.

BMW does not give details about the battery in the press release. However, its “high usable energy content” combined with the “highly efficient drive” allows a range of 417 to 449 kilometres, according to WLTP. The technical data shows that the 64.7 kWh high-voltage storage unit is also installed in the underbody. The battery can be charged with up to 130 kW at peak, and from ten to 80 per cent in 29 minutes. Thanks to battery preconditioning, this should almost always be true. In the best case, the BMW can charge 120 kilometres in ten minutes. At the home wallbox or a public AC charger, the 11 kW battery is completely charged after 6.5 hours.

From other electric BMWs, the iX2 adopts functions such as adaptive recuperation, the “Max Range” function and, in the latest version of the charging software, “Max Performance Charging,” designed to optimise efficiency when discharging. There is also Plug&Charge Multi Contract (for several stored charging tariffs) and the Connected Home Charging Package for load- and solar-optimised charging at home.

There are only minimal differences in the bodywork (as with the X1 and iX1). The model is characterised by an independent and upright front end that, in PR-speak, “expresses a self-confident presence.” Distinctive elements are the LED headlights and the almost hexagonal BMW kidney. The latter can be optionally equipped with the “BMW Iconic Glow” contour lighting. Adaptive LED headlights with glare-free matrix high beams are also available as an optional extra.

In the iX2, the BMW kidney is primarily closed at the front, and there are, of course, no exhaust tailpipes at the rear. There is also a slight difference on the inside: the boot in the electric version is minimally smaller than in the combustion engine X2 (560 to 1,470 litres) at 525 to 1,400 litres.

While we’re on the subject of dimensions: The iX2 is 4.55 metres long, 1.85 metres wide and 1.59 metres high. Compared to its combustion engine predecessor, the new model has gained considerably in all points and is even 19.4 centimetres longer. According to BMW, increasing wheelbase and track width will benefit “both the comfort of the five seats and the luggage compartment volume.”

Empty, the iX2 xDrive30 weighs 2,020 kilograms according to DIN, and a payload of 585 kilograms is permitted. The towing capacity is a maximum of 1.2 tonnes, and the drawbar load is 80 kilograms. In addition, 75 kilograms may be transported as a roof load.

BMW improves acoustic comfort in the iX2

The interior is modern and sporty. There is the BMW Curved Display with the latest BMW OS version. Newly developed fabric seats are standard, and leather is available at extra cost – as are sports seats, a power seat adjustment with memory function, lumbar support, and a massage function. Concerning the quiet electric drive, acoustic comfort has also been improved.

Standard equipment includes dual-zone automatic climate control, the BMW Maps navigation system, a sports leather steering wheel and the factory-fitted automatic opening and closing tailgate. The equipment packages have been restructured to allow “targeted individualisation of the vehicle,” according to BMW.

In Germany, the iX2 costs at least 56,500 euros with the 230 kW all-wheel drive, while the basic petrol engine, a three-cylinder with 48-volt hybrid and 125 kW, is available from 46,400 euros. That makes the iX2 1,500 euros more expensive than the iX1 xDrive30 with the same drive (from 55,000 euros). Prices for markets other than Germany were not mentioned. The front-wheel drive eDrive20 with 150 kW available in the iX1 will not be offered in the iX2, at least at the start.

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