VW reveals prices to remain unchanged for updated ID.4 & ID.5

VW has started the pre-sale of the updated ID.4 and ID.5. The optimised models will be offered at the same basic prices as their predecessors, starting from €40,335 for the ID.4 Pure

Volkswagen presented the update for the two MEB models at the beginning of September at the IAA Mobility in Munich. The most important changes in brief: The APP550 electric drive, which was introduced in the ID.7, will be fitted to the rear axle of the drives from the Pro version upwards. With 210 kW and 550 Nm, it offers significantly better values than the predecessor engine (150 kW and 310 Nm) – and is said to be more efficient at the same time. The all-wheel-drive vehicles also gain power thanks to the new motor in the rear. Thanks to improvements in battery management, the charging performance increases and the battery can be preconditioned. In addition, there are other changes apart from the drive, such as a retuned chassis, minor updates in the cockpit and the 4.0 software.

With the order launch now complete, prices are also known. In the announcement, VW mentions a base price of 40,335 euros for the ID.4 Pure (the base model with a 52 kWh battery), which has remained unchanged. A variant with infotainment package is also available in the configurator, which is 2,300 euros more expensive – it is listed at 42,635 euros in the configurator. The infotainment package is available for all ID.4/ID.5 models.

For the now 210 kW ID.4 Pro with the new drive, the price is 46,335 euros without and 48,635 euros with the infotainment package. This means that here, too, at least the basic price has remained the same compared to the previous 150 kW model. The all-wheel-drive ID.4 Pro 4Motion, also with 210 kW, starts at 51,320 euros, the top model ID.4 GTX from 55,555 euros – both prices are with the infotainment package.

ID.4 PureID.4 ProID.4 Pro 4MotionID.4 GTXID.5 ProID.5 GTX
Performance125 kW210 kW210 kW250 kW210 kW250 kW
Battery (net)52 kWh77 kWh77 kWh77 kWh77 kWh77 kWh
Base price40,335 Euro46,335 Euro51,320 Euro*53,255 Euro48,970 Euro56,445 Euro

*The ID.4 Pro 4Motion is only available in the configurator with the €2,300 Infotainment package


As is known, the Pure model with a small battery is not available for the ID.5. Prices for the ID.5 Pro start at 48,970 euros without and 51,270 euros with the infotainment package. Since the all-wheel drive Pro 4Motion is currently not available for the ID.5 either, only the ID.5 GTX remains in the configurator alongside the ID.5 Pro. Prices here are 56,445 Euros without and 58,755 Euros with the infotainment package.

At the premiere at the IAA, a VW spokesperson had explained to the editorial team that deliveries of the revised models should start around the turn of the year. Since the summer, delivery times for both model series have been around eight weeks, so if an order is placed in the second half of October, delivery around Christmas should still be realistic.



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