Hyundai adjusts tariffs for Charge myHyundai – Ionity now cheaper

Hyundai has reduced the price for charging at Ionity's fast charging stations in Europe from 79 to 69 cents per kilowatt hour. In combination with the optional Ionity Premium package, the price is reduced to 54 cents/kWh. There is also a new 'Smart' tariff.

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The monthly basic fee for the Ionity Premium package remains unchanged at 7.49 euros. What is new, however, according to Hyundai, is that the package can now be cancelled on a monthly basis. Instead of committing for a long time, the package can also be booked for shorter periods with planned long-distance journeys – for example on holiday. Previously, the minimum term was three months.

As an alternative to the familiar Flex offer, the Hyundai charging service has also included a new Smart tariff since October: with a monthly basic fee of 4.99 euros, the one-off registration costs of 7.49 euros and the activation fee of 59 cents (previously: 49 cents), which is due at the start of each charging process, are waived, among other things. The kWh price at AC and DC charging stations is also 15 percent lower than in the Flex tariff, the exact amount depending on the respective charging station operator. At Ionity stations, 69 cents/kWh are also charged in the Smart tariff.

Activation fee7,49 Euro one-time payment –
Basic fee0,00 Euro/Month4,99 Euro/Month
ACone-time 59 Cent + kWh-prices according to providerkWh-prices according to provider, 15% discount
DCone-time 59 Cent + kWh-prices according to providerkWh-prices according to provider, 15% discount
Ionity69 Cent/kWh69 Cent/kWh

Note: Other conditions may apply abroad. These can be found on the Charge myHyundai page linked below.

Charge myHyundai can also be used for Plug&Charge with the Ioniq 6 and the new Kona electric – here our driving report. At appropriate charging stations that support Plug&Charge (Ionity and Aral Pulse), the charging process starts automatically as soon as the charging station cable is connected to the vehicle – no additional authorisation via Charge myHyundai app or charging card is necessary.

“In order to further increase the acceptance of electric vehicles, we must continuously improve the charging infrastructure. The expansion of publicly accessible stations must be accompanied by attractive prices,” says Jürgen Keller, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor Germany. “Our charging service Charge myHyundai sets the direction and now makes electric driving even more attractive.” (both in German)


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