GKN is working on an electric motor for small and niche manufacturers

GKN Automotive has unveiled a modular eDrive concept geared towards niche electric vehicle makers and EV conversion companies. The new eCrate shall rely on market-proven technology but in an off-the-shelf format.

GKN's 2-in-1 eDrive with sideshafts - an example of how its eCrate concept will look.

GKN is developing three systems and says the first could be available as early as 2025. Data so far describes a combined motor and transmission system with 113kW and a fully integrated 3-in-1system comprising an electric machine, transmission and inverter, in a choice of 113kW or 185kW output.

The company further describes the new drive as a “plug and play solution” suitable for various purposes, including small to large cars and light commercial vehicles.

As for the technology, it will likely rely on GKN’s existing motor line and Drive with side shafts. The company claims eight out of ten of the world’s best-selling cars outside China use said technology and that it fitted its first eDrive system to a production car over 20 years ago.

Dirk Kesselgruber, Chief Technology Officer at GKN Automotive, confirmed: “Based closely on our existing technology, our new eCrate concept will bring this technology to even more customers”. He added that his company has indeed spent the last 20 years producing electric motor technology for global vehicle manufacturers such as the PSA Group.

The integrated 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Drive powertrains have been developed and tested from 2020, also in vehicles based on the Tesla Model 3 and Fiat Ducato. In January 2020, the British company also merged its inverter development with Taiwan’s Delta Electronics

Those in Las Vegas this weekend may see the eCrate EV drive concept at GKN Automotive’s booth at the SEMA Show.



about „GKN is working on an electric motor for small and niche manufacturers“
27.10.2023 um 21:10
I need it in South Afrika
28.05.2024 um 06:31
Will this be suitable in a van conversion, for example a Chev Express? And is it designed for front-wheel drive, or rear wheel drive? What are the likely specs, capabilities and parameters?

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