Kempower supplies charging hardware to Aqua Superpower

Finnish manufacturer no longer just charges EVs with wheels - its hardware will also be used to supply energy for boats. To this end, Kempower has entered into a strategic partnership with Aqua Superpower, a company specialising in charging infrastructure for electric boats.

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The goal is to support operators of large sites, such as the Yacht Club de Monaco, in meeting the increasing demand for charging stations for electric boats. Kempower’s satellite charging solution, which allows the extremely narrow charging station and the power technology to be placed apart from each other, is known for the small amount of space the charging point takes up. And space is often an issue in harbours.

Aqua Superpower refers to the Kempower solution as Aqua 200 HPC – the satellite offers up to 200 kW charging power. At ten metres, the charging cable is slightly longer than the HPC for road-based EVs to reach the boats’ charging ports. The Aqua 200 HPC is connected as a satellite to a so-called power unit. It has an output of up to 600 kW and can thus supply three satellites.

However, the partnership is not exclusive. In addition to the Kempower solution, Aqua Superpower will install the Aqua 75 DC model and Aqua Pods in Monaco. The Aqua 75 DC is a DC column based on the technology of Australian manufacturer Tritium – but Aqua Superpower optimised the charging column for maritime use (for example, in salty and humid air). The Aqua Pod is an AC charging solution.

With the special Kempower columns, Aqua Superpower is expanding its portfolio – with the charging satellites, systems can be realised that would not have been possible in this form with the previous hardware. The Yacht Club de Monaco, for example, installed a mixture of Aqua 75 DC, Aqua Pods and the Kempower solution on a single pontoon.

“We are committed to fostering a cleaner environment and working for emission-free transportation, not only on land but also at sea. Participating in the development of the world’s largest public marine fast-charging installation on a single pontoon is a significant milestone in advancing the electrification of boats,” says Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower. “We’re happy to be part of this project, which aims to accelerate the electrification of boats across Europe.”

“We constantly seek proven ‘best-in-class’ technology partners in the development of our marine fast charging network and infrastructure,” adds Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua Superpower. “We elected to work with Kempower for their scalable system architecture and seamless user experience. Our partnership enables us to provide the resilient and high-power marine fast charging that meets the commercial and leisure user demands at Yacht Club de Monaco.”,


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