Magtec to retrofit Tootbus double-decker tourist bus fleet in London

Tootbus has engaged the UK-based engineering firm to repower a fleet of 15 open top double-decker buses. Under the multi-million-pound agreement, Magtec will equip the 23-tonne triaxle buses with electric drive trains including its long-range 280 kWh battery system.

Tootbus, a subsidiary of RATP Dev, will repower a fleet of 15 open-top double-decker buses for sightseeing services in central London. In collaboration with Magtec, the UK’s premier designer, manufacturer, and integrator of drive systems for commercial electric vehicles, Tootbus will be able to contribute to London’s net zero ambitions by 2030.

The multi-million-pound agreement with Magtec involves retrofitting the 23-tonne triaxle buses with electric drivetrains, including Magtec’s long-range 280 kWh battery system. These iconic double-decker buses will operate hop-on, hop-off routes, passing world-famous landmarks in and around Westminster.

Andrew Gilligan, managing director of Magtec, expressed delight in strengthening the partnership with Tootbus, emphasizing their joint commitment to green services and improving air quality in the heart of London. Magtec has 15 years of experience in retrofitting buses with zero-emission technology.

Gavin Brooking, managing director of Tootbus UK, says Tootbus takes pride in being the first clean energy sightseeing bus company globally. The move aligns with Tootbus’s goal of having a fully electric fleet by 2030, supporting the Mayor of London’s ambitious plan to achieve carbon neutrality. Cyclists and other road users will be spared the diesel fumes of idling sightseeing buses in the UK capital.

Magtec says it is also expanding beyond the commercial EV sector in various industries, including rail, UK land defence, and special applications such as airport airside vehicles, marine, and mining. In March this year, the UK-based engineering firm Magtec secured GB Small Series Approval for its 7.5-tonne electric truck, the MEV75. The truck is designed for last-mile logistics, waste collection and refrigerated deliveries.

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