BYD and Zhongtong Bus build 360 electric buses for Singapore

The Singapore Transport Authority has placed its first major orders for electric buses and charging infrastructure. Specifically, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has commissioned two Chinese manufacturers to supply a total of 360 electric buses.

Image: BYD

As the transport authority announced in a press release, 240 of the electric buses will come from BYD and a further 120 from Zhongtong Bus via partner Cycle & Carriage Automotive. As for the timetable, it is known that the new electric buses will gradually be deployed in Singapore’s public transport system from December 2024 as a replacement for diesel buses.

The Land Transport Authority also plans to gradually install charging infrastructure in the bus depots from December 2024. The authority has awarded the contracts for this to the Busways/Shell Singapore consortium and Presico Engineering.

The LTA has set itself the goal of electrifying the entire bus fleet in Singapore by 2040. By 2030, electric buses should make up half of the public transport fleet.


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