Lilium jet enters production for test aircraft

The Bavarian electric air-taxi company Lilium has announced the start of production for its Lilium Jet. The first seven units produced are to be used for flight tests to obtain type certification for the Lilium Jet from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The Bavarian electric air taxi company has announced the start of production of its first seven Lilium Jet test aircraft with the arrival of the first Lilium Jet fuselage at the German aircraft company’s final assembly line.  At the same time, Lilium’s suppliers are increasing the production of the relevant components. The company says this start of production marks a final transition from the design phase to industrialisation.

The Bavarian company recently received Design Organization Approval from the European aviation agency, EASA, which marks a key requirement for companies that develop commercial aircraft. Now, the company says the next step is to match and join the fuselage with the aircraft’s canards and main wings.

Production of the Lilium Jet takes place at Lilium’s facilities in Wessling, Germany, which include a testing and manufacturing centre, propulsion and aerostructures facility, final assembly building, and the newly constructed battery assembly building and logistics hub, where aircraft parts are readied for integration on the final assembly line. These facilities are all located alongside one another over an area of 16,250 sqm.  

Klaus Roewe, CEO of Lilium, commented: “To see the first aircraft fuselage on the final assembly line ready to join up with the canard and wings is a proud moment for everyone involved in our mission to make aviation sustainable. We firmly believe the Lilium Jet will usher in a new era of sustainable regional mobility, offering the highest safety standards, as well as superior comfort, unit economics, and customer experience.”


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