Hubject launches new premium services for Intercharge

Hubject has introduced premium services to its Intercharge platform. The three-tiered offering is designed to allow users to choose from a wider range of service levels.

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Hubject has introduced three Intercharge levels with different offers and costs: “Standard” covers the current Intercharge product at the lowest price. ‘Business’ includes direct access to Hubject specialists and special service levels. ‘Enterprise’ was developed for partners who require guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement) response times, better platform availability and closer cooperation with Hubject, as the company has now summarised it in a blog post.

Hubject says it has responded to an increased demand for more service options with different levels of options as the e-mobility market matures. The new services should accommodate a wider range of EV companies, with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA), higher availability, and sophisticated incident management. The three service options mean that users should only have to pay for the services they need.

Compared to the basic intercharge package, for example, ‘Business’ offers direct access to HubjectOperations via bookinglink (@ 125€/hour), an uptime guarantee of 99.5 per cent, a quarterly report on uptime and Business TIER APIs (if available). Customers choosing the ‘Enterprise’ option should enjoy an increased uptime guarantee of 99.85 per cent, one free hour of operational support per month, guaranteed SLAs for incident response – and access to a Hubject Service Delivery Manager.

“The market for electric vehicles is growing, and with it, the need to offer our 2,000 partners a more specific range of services,” says Christian Hahn, Hubject CEO. “As in other service areas, the one-size-fits-all approach no longer applies to EV companies. That’s why we’ve listened to our partners and developed a new range of premium services to meet their needs.”

Hahn says that anticipating and responding quickly to the changing needs of the e-mobility market is an important part of making electric vehicle charging more accessible. “By introducing these premium services and dividing the offer into standard, business and enterprise functions, we are taking into account the different needs of different companies. This is all part of the process of improving the charging experience for EV drivers and making EVs more attractive,” he says. (blog), (overview services)


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