German start-ups launch battery recycling cooperation

Next.e.GO Mobile and Cylib are working on recycling electric car batteries. The German EV manufacturer and the spin-off from RWTH Aachen University, have already started the exchange.

Specifically, e.GO handed over the first batteries to Cylib. The company must now optimise the recycling and targets recovery of all raw materials contained in the battery.

Both companies expect the partnership to provide valuable insights into the required battery design, the manufacturing processes and the expected recycling characteristics.

Cylib and e.Go formalized the partnership in late 2022 to enhance the sustainability of electric vehicles by adopting a comprehensive approach to the entire life cycle of lithium-ion batteries, according to the statement.

“From the flexible and capital-efficient production in our distinctive MicroFactory, minimizing energy and water consumption, to the enduring and versatile utility of our vehicles, we are committed to responsible resource utilization,” said Stefan Rudolf , CTO of Next.e.GO Mobile SE. “By providing our batteries to cylib, we aim to support the refinement of their innovative recycling process.”

Cylib not only aims to recover all materials but applies a water-based lithium and graphite recovery which it considers “particularly instrumental for the low environmental impact”.

The company opened its pilot facility in Aachen in September.

The facility now recycles 500 kilos of battery materials a day and is the first phase in establishing an industrial line with a recycling capacity of several thousand tons per year.


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