Maryland adopts electric truck quota from 2027

The US state of Maryland has signed up for the Californian 'Advanced Clean Trucks' regulation, which requires manufacturers to gradually increase the sales proportion of electric trucks, vans and pickup trucks by 2035.

Image: Daimler Truck

In the USA, ten states have already signed up to the Californian ‘Advanced Clean Trucks’ regulation, which requires manufacturers to sell a gradually increasing proportion of electrically powered lorries, vans and pickup trucks by 2035. In Maryland, the tenth US state to adopt this regulation, the increasing electric quotas will begin with the 2027 model year. By 2035, the required electric vehicle sales quota will stand at 55 per cent of pickup trucks and vans sold in Maryland, 75 per cent of flatbed and panel vans sold and 40 per cent of tractor units.

The state of Maryland estimates that despite accounting for only 9% of Maryland’s registered vehicles, medium and heavy trucks and buses are responsible for 39% of smog-forming nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution, 48% of particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution, and 21% of greenhouse gas emissions from all on-road vehicles in the state.

“Adoption of the Advanced Clean Trucks rule is a clear signal to manufacturers, fleets, and consumers that Maryland is investing in the zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty vehicle market,” said Neda Deylami, Vehicle Electrification Manager at Environmental Defense Fund. “The rule will address the disproportionate impact diesel vehicle emissions have on local air pollution and its harm to public health, especially for those who already live with higher pollution risk.”


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