Dutch Autocraft launches its first battery test and repair centre

Autocraft EV Solutions, a company specialising in EV battery testing, repair, and remanufacture, has opened a new centre in the Dutch city of Arnhem. Staff will expect to service over 1,300 EV batteries a year there.

Image: Autocraft EV Solutions

Autocraft calls its patented technology Revive and claims it can identify battery issues on a cellular level, even before they have occurred, with great speed and accuracy at an industrial scale. This also includes EV battery repair and later recycling.

The technology debuted at the REMATEC exhibition in the Netherlands, where it received the award for ‘Best Remanufacturing Innovation.’ At the time, it was housed within a 30ft expandable container. The company calls the concept Revive Mobile, which is deployable from HGV trailers. It essentially holds the Revive Workshop for testing and discharging batches of batteries before recycling.

The container is further equipped with technologies such as Autocraft’s patented ARIA (Augmented Reality Interactive Assembly) system, LiDAR controls, RFID tools and safety systems for process control to ensure optimal repair outcomes and the safety of operatives.

The new centre in Arnhem is the first brick-and-mortar location, and the company hopes to expand its presence globally.

It thus forms one of three modules of Revive. Apart from the mobile solution and the new centre, Autocraft also runs the so-called Revive Triage, mobile vans that quickly diagnose electrical faults in EV batteries. Batteries that cannot be fixed on the spot are transported to Autocraft service centres.

Mike Hague-Morgan, Executive Director of Autocraft Solutions Group, commented: “The launch of our EV repair centre in Arnhem is a significant milestone in our global strategy, allowing us to bring our safe and sustainable EV testing, repair and remanufacturing expertise to strategic locations where there is greatest demand.”


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about „Dutch Autocraft launches its first battery test and repair centre“
Chris Le Roux
20.12.2023 um 09:11
This sounds fantastic, We are also a battery repair workshop situated in Germany near Hamburg. Would it be possible for me and two colleges to come and visit you in Arnhem?

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