IF Metall suggests Tesla follow Amazon’s example in Sweden

The strikes against Tesla in Sweden triggered by the IF Metall trade union are continuing into the new year. To start the proceedings off, the trade union has suggested a solution that could potentially end the conflict.

Image: Tesla

The union has now named a possible solution that could put an end to the strikes: Tesla could follow Amazon’s example and hire a contractor who has a collective labour agreement. Amazon found itself in a situation similar to Tesla’s when the company first attempted to enter the Swedish market in 2020.

To solve the problem, Amazon hired a Swedish logistics service provider, which already had a collective agreement with the transport workers’ union. The contractor still operates Amazon’s warehouse in Sweden.

The strikes themselves kicked off in early November and have caused a major stir in the Nordic nations, as they escalated to Norway and Denmark and eventually Finland.

teslarati.com, dn.se (in Finnish)


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