Nio sings battery-swapping agreement with JAC and Chery

The Chinese electric car manufacturer has gained new partners for its battery-swapping business. Nio, JAC, and Chery Automobile will cooperate on battery standards, swapping technology, and the expansion of the battery-swapping network. The signing took place in the Chinese Anhui Province and is just one way the region hopes to promote new energy vehicles (NEVs).

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It is not the first such agreement that Nio has signed with Chinese carmakers. In November, the company joined forces with Geely and Changan Automobile to develop vehicles compatible with each other’s systems.

On top of Nio’s partnership agreement on battery swapping with the two Chinese automakers, Nio announced the foundation of Zhongan Energy. It aims to promote “the development of a unified and holistic charging and swapping network for Anhui Province, as well as establishing an open and shared charging, swapping and energy storage network for new energy vehicles,” Nio writes in a statement.

Zhongan Energy is a joint venture by Nio, Gotion High-Tech, and local companies from the Anhui Province. Together, they have agreed to build 1,000 battery swap stations, integrating charging, swapping and energy storage. The carmaker does not mention a timetable. Moreover, the partners “will move forward on comprehensive strategic cooperation in battery standards, charging and swapping technologies, battery asset management and operations, new power system, as well as supply chain related to the production and manufacturing of charging, swapping and storage equipment.”

The battery-swapping concept is integrated into all Nio models. Pack variants currently have 75 kWh (mainly with LFP cells) and 100 kWh (exclusively NCM cells). A semi-solid-state variant with 150 kWh and the same dimensions has been on the market since July 2023 after some delays but has yet to be available on a large scale.

Nio currently has around 2,100 battery swap stations in China – also known as power swap stations, or PSS for short. Until now, Nio vehicles have had exclusive use of this expensive infrastructure. That may soon change. However, there are no battery swap-capable EVs from the cooperation partners yet – and no specific model or launch date has been announced.


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