Lucid Motors achieved annual production of over 8,400 EVs in 2023

Lucid Motors produced 8,428 electric cars last year and delivered 6,001 units. This puts the US electric car manufacturer in the volume range that it had stated in November following multiple corrections to its target figures.

Image: Lucid Motors

In a brief announcement, Lucid states that it will have produced a total of 2,391 electric cars and delivered 1,734 units in the fourth quarter of 2023. These are all Lucid’s debut model, the Air electric saloon. The American company unveiled the second model, the Gravity electric SUV, in November. However, the start of production is not scheduled until the end of 2024.

Lucid Motors announced two months ago that it only expects to produce a total of 8,000 to 8,500 electric cars in 2023. In May 2023, Lucid had already reduced its production forecast for this year from 10,000 to 14,000 to “more than 10,000” vehicles. With the 8,428 units now produced, Lucid is therefore within the range last stated. The company delivered 6,001 Air for the year as a whole.

With 1,734 units delivered between October and December, Lucid was slightly higher than in the year to date with 1,457 deliveries in Q3 and 1,404 and 1,406 deliveries in Q2 and Q1. However, Lucid also radically reduced its prices to achieve this result. Lucid had already permanently reduced the US prices of the Air by more than 10,000 dollars in August. At the beginning of November 2023, the company cut prices again by up to 10,000 US dollars, depending on the model variant, and by up to 13,400 Canadian dollars in Canada. According to the company, this second reduction was only valid for a limited period until November 30. However, the next discount campaign is already being advertised on the website – this time for a limited period until the end of January to mark the sale of the 2023 Air models.

Lucid Motors plans to present its full financial results on February 21, 2024.


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Mr Sands
16.01.2024 um 03:47
Stay The Course, Lucid Will Be The Dark horse And You will be Handsomely Rewarded.
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17.01.2024 um 04:38
This share has been under tremendous pressure from short sellings. Smart investor should harnes the historic lows to buy and hold.

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